2018 HAE Global Conference Travel Grants


We are excited to announce that the 2018 HAE Global Conference will take place May 17-20, 2018 in Vienna, Austria and applications for travel grants are now being accepted.

If you are a patient or care giver (close relative), and if you are interested in receiving a travel grant for the HAE Global Conference, you can follow this link and apply for a travel grant: http://haei.org/haegc18/

Please apply for a travel grant no later than 31 December 2017 as there are a limited number of travel grants available, applicants will be chosen by a “lottery.”

Phase 1 (from today until 31 December 2017)

Lottery results will be sent to all travel grant applicants by 3 January 2018. Those who were chosen by the lottery drawing will be invited to register for the conference and be provided with the conference registration link and a unique code to be entered during the registration process. The registration deadline is 7 January 2018. Upon registering, you will have to pay the registration fee, which will be EUR 125 per person (if you choose a shared double or triple room) and EUR 250 per person (if you choose a single room). Should you fail to register by 7 January 2018, your travel grant will be given to someone else. Anyone who was not chosen by the lottery system will be placed on a “waitlist”, and will be notified if/when travel grants become available.

Phase 2 (1 January – until 21 January 2018)

There will be a second round of registrations that runs from 1 January 2018 until 21 January 2018. Another lottery will be conducted, and the results will be communicated on 23 January 2018. Then, for lottery winners, the deadline for registration will be 28 January 2018.

Should you fail to register by 28 January 2018, your travel grant will be given to someone else.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that (1) you travel with a sufficient quantity of HAE medication to cover your needs while you are away from home, and (2) either you (or your care giver/travel companion) are able to administer your prescribed therapy.

There will be no emergency care or HAE medication available at the conference venue. Please keep in mind that you will be traveling to a foreign country with a health care system that likely is very different than in your home country. There is no guarantee that hospitals in Vienna have HAE medicines on hand to treat an attack. Also, you may be required to pay for any emergency care or hospital visit.

Neither HAEi nor any HAEi member organizations can assume liability or be expected to provide medical care if you experience problems while traveling.

Kind regards,

HAE Canada Board