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The HAE Canada Team is sending a huge hug to Bob and Judy Simon, as well as Daryl and Lalena Simon and the rest of the Simon family on Canada Day 2018.

This is the launch of the HAE Canada Derek Scott Simon Child/Youth Program

HAE Canada aims to raise awareness of HAE and connect those patients living with HAE. We are proud to announce the launch of The HAE Canada Derek Scott Simon Child/Youth Program.

Living with a rare disease is not easy, it can be confusing, frustrating and scary. It is even harder when you face these challenges alone. Derek, an HAE patient, wanted to create a way to connect young persons across Canada who have been diagnosed with HAE. His goal was a support system for youth all across Canada, where they could connect and communicate with others who could understand and relate to their experiences.

Sadly, Derek passed away on HAE Day, May 16, 2012 and did not get to see this goal realized. HAE Canada is proud to honour his memory in our efforts to join together Canadian youth living with HAE.

Who are HAEi Youngsters?

Click this link to be taken to the HAEi Youngsters Webpage – find new friendships and discover life changing experiences by learning about different cultures, countries and traditions.

Laughing and sharing each others daily lives, we walk together for a better quality of life.

You are not alone, welcome to the community!