HAE Canada Team

Who We Are

HAE Canada is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers from all across the country who are working to change the lives of hereditary angioedema patients in Canada.

Board of Directors

Jacquie Badiou President, Director at Large president@haecanada.org
Tina McGrath Vice President, Regional Director Ontario tmcgrath@haecanada.org
Richard Badiou Treasurer, Director at Large treasurer@haecanada.org
Lorraine Coumont Secretary, Regional Director Pacific Region lcoumont@haecanada.org
Kari Feere Regional Director Atlantic Region karifeere@haecanada.org
Anne Rowe Director at Large arowe@haecanada.org

HAE Canada Operations

Daphne Dumbrille HAE Canada Office office@haecanada.org
Heather Dow HAE Event, Membership, Policies & Website Management admin@haecanada.org