HAE Global Walk to mark HAE Day on May 16

Each year, HAEi organizes the HAE Global Walk to mark HAE Day on May 16.

Last year, Canada came out on top logging 9,000,000 steps!

HAE Canada is kindly asking, you, the HAE community to log another 9,000,000 steps this year. 

Participation is easy.

After taking a walk, of any distance (alone or part of a group) you simply report the distance (in miles or kilometres) in the form. Your steps will be added to other HAE steps from around the world. You can participate multiple times, recording each walk you take. https://haei.org/events/global-walk-2019/

This is a truly inspiring global event for HAE and your participation will be greatly appreciated.

We hope to see HAE Canada members put on their walking shoes to help raise HAE awareness. 

Thank You,

The HAE Canada Team