Great News!

Your HAE Canada Team has been working hard all year and is excited to share that coming very soon is an opportunity for pediatric treatments for HAE in Canada; monoclonal antibodies (subcutaneous treatment taken every 2 weeks) and an oral (pill form) kallikrein inhibitor.
We are finally where the leading countries are for obtaining treatments.

We are also preparing for HAE with normal C1 to be included in future clinical trials in our next 5 year Strategic Plan 2019-2024. Positive times ahead for those living with HAE in Canada.

We are also extending our affiliate membership to include children and those with Idiopathic Angioedema.

We need all HAE patients in Canada to become members and fill in our surveys only, so we can complete the required patient submission and continue to lobby government for better care in the Emergency Department, obtaining speedier diagnosis, access to current treatments letting us, those living with HAE, become champions of our own care.

HAE Canada will be launching our Caregivers for Child and Youth surveys as well as French/English surveys for our Quebec HAE patients the week of April 30, 2018. You must be an HAE Canada/AOHQ member to complete the surveys and obtain information from HAE Canada on upcoming treatments and opportunities to participate in clinical trials.

Stay Tuned for clinical trials information and contacts coming to Canada! We cannot bring these treatments to Canada without the data provided from OUR surveys that you as HAE Canada members complete.

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