Volunteer Application

Volunteer Opportunities

As a not-for-profit patient advocate group, HAE Canada relies heavily on volunteers to help us achieve our mission and goals.

Our Programs and services are made possible through the time, energy and talents of those living with HAE and other related angioedema, their friends and community members interested in supporting our mission.

Motivated by a personal connection to our cause, many of our volunteers contribute countless hours in support of our vision of “optimal health and well-being for those living with HAE and other related angioedema in Canada”.

In return our volunteers, enrich theirs lives by developing their interests, learning new skills and making new friendships.  The following is a list of volunteer opportunities:

1. The HAE Canada Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of members from across Canada who meet in person twice annually (over the weekend in spring and fall) as well as through periodic evening teleconferences.

The board approves the Strategic Plan, budget and oversees the activities of staff and all committees.

Desired Skill Set

  • Experience serving on a not for profit Board;
  • Familiarity with best practices for governing a not-for-profit organization;
  • An understanding of HAE and its member’s needs;
  • Flexibility to travel by air and be away form home as many as three consecutive days.

2. Administrative & General Office Work

(Prepare mailings for national programs and events, plan events, etc.)

3. HAE Canada Committees

Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the advocacy committee is to develop strategies and solutions that can be implemented Canada-wide to solve issues associated with equitable and affordable access to available treatments and products.

Desired Skill Set

  • A solid understanding of the Hereditary Angioedema condition and treatment options;
  • An understanding of HAE patient needs;
  • An understanding of how the drug approval process works in Canada.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee the financial health of HAE Canada and to advise the Board of Directors on all maters that relate to the management of the financial affairs of the organization.

Desired Skill Set:

  • An ability to interpret financial statements;
  • a solid grasp of good accounting practices;
  • a familiarity with not-for-profit organization management as it relates to finance.

Program Development Committee

The purpose of the program development committee is to oversee the development and implementation of the organizations programs and services that are delivered to our membership (Patient Updates, Volunteer Development Program, Learn-to-Live Modules etc.).

Desired Skill Set

  • Ideally a background in education or health promotion;
  • An understanding of the information and resource needs of those living with HAE and other related angioedema; their family members; caregivers; and health care providers;
  • Experience organizing events.

Risk Management Committee

The purpose of the risk management committee is to review and formulate recommendations to the board on risk and risk management; make recommendations to the Board on HAE Canada’s risk appetite; provide direction to the Board on risk matters; and interact with other committees on the subject of risk and risk management.

Desired Skill Set

  • Ideally a background in quality and risk management;
  • An interest in learning more about risk and risk management;
  • a legal or insurance background.

Governance Committee

The purpose of the governance Committee is to oversee the governance of HAE Canada by proposing candidates for the Board review and overseeing the governance policies of the organization and by ensuring the Board of Directors has the appropriate mix of qualities, skills and experience it requires to function effectively.

Desired Skill Set

  • Previous experience serving on a not-for-profit organization Board
  • A solid understanding of governance and best practices in not- for -profit organizations.
  • A keen eye for detail in complex documents.


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