About Us

Who We Are

HAE Canada is a patient group that was formed in 2010 to work with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals to create a better life for those patients living with HAE and other related angioedema in Canada.

Hereditary angioedema or HAE is a rare, debilitating and potentially life threatening genetic blood disorder resulting from a problem with the protein C1 esterase inhibitor (C1-INH).

Our goal is to assist those with HAE and other angioedema achieve optimum health and well-being.

The HAE community is small and spread out. Many patients live in towns where access to medical facilities is limited and support for hereditary angioedema is nonexistent.

In fact, since our group began, we have met patients who were unaware that treatment is available at all.
We work to support and to advocate on behalf of all those with HAE and other related angioedema.

HAE Canada, will represent new hope and vision for Canadian HAE patients.

Our approach will be positive, focusing on overcoming adversity, breaking out of confines, and working for and with the next generation, striving for achieving a better quality of life for everyone.

– HAE Canada Founder, Della Cogar

Our Vision

Optimum health and well-being for those living with HAE and other angioedema in Canada.

Our Mission

HAE Canada is committed to creating awareness about HAE and other angioedema, to speed diagnosis of patients to enable them to become champions for their own quality of life.

Goals Related to Our Vision and Mission

Organizational Effectiveness

Improve our ability to achieve our mission and goals by engaging and empowering our members; developing our Board; training our volunteers; and by collaborating with our stakeholders and partners.

Equipping Patients & Health Care Providers

Equip patients, caregivers, family members and health care providers with the information, tools and resources needed to ensure that those with HAE and other angioedema live healthy and productive lives.

Building the Community

Convey relevant information, about HAE and other angioedema, to those in the community.


Enhance our ability to advocate for our members by communicating our mission; lobbying and influencing governments; by educating people; and by promoting awareness of the issues faced daily by those with HAE and other angioedema.

Our Values

HAE Canada embraces the following values:

  • Advocacy – Actively representing all who have HAE and other angioedema to improve their quality of life by actively engaging our members and representing their needs.
  • Respect – Treating people with whom we interact with dignity, fairness and compassion.
  • Collaboration – Fostering strong and meaningful relationships with our stakeholders and partners, where collaboration, discussion and exchange of ideas is encouraged and supported by members, directors and staff.
  • Stewardship – HAE Canada’s resources belong to its members and the Canadian HAE community at-large. Members, directors and staff will act responsibly by effectively planning and managing of all available resources.
  • Learning – HAE Canada’s programs and services promote awareness and convey information to and from targeted audiences. Members, directors and staff value learning opportunities to help improve its services to HAE patients throughout Canada.